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What is Investorean

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Investorean is a stock screening and analytics platform that provides worldwide data for traders and investors.

One specific feature that makes it unique is that you can get exclusive insights applicable to your broker.

Instead of searching across all tickers, list only ones that are actually traded by your broker.

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  Wide range of stocks covering all major regions and exchanges worldwide

  Fundamental and technical data

  Historical and upcoming dividends

  Price change for various time ranges

  Daily price chart with attached events

  News and analytics

Available on All Your Devices

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Why Choose Investorean?

Only relevant results

Find only stocks that you can actually trade.
Make investment decisions faster and your trading routine much more efficient.

Strategies & presets

Find new investment ideas.
Learn how to combine different metrics to build up trading strategies.
Make your custom presets.

Technical & fundamental

Find detailed information and metrics for every stock.
Combine technical and fundamental approaches to achieve better results.

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